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Wrapping paper is a key source of waste during the holidays or festivals.Consider other forms of gift wrapping. Today recycled wrapping paper is available. This helps to eliminate waste during the holiday season.
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Use mosquito-proof coolers and keep dengue and chikungunya at bay. mosquito-proof cooler is environment friendly and prevent mosquitoes from entering and breeding in cooler.
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Sunlight is free light. Make maximum use of it.
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Avoid Paper/Plastic Cups and use regular ceramic cups while having Tea/Coffee.
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Use Foam Taps rather than a big Nozzle tap at Kitchen Sinks. This will reduce the water usage by half.
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Use Mobiles to check Mails,FB etc... You save 200W/hour by switching OFF your desktop or 50W/hour by switching OFF your laptop
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Turn of your Monitor when you leave office.The Standby Power unit of 1W is saved for 12 hours. You save 12W a day :)
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Fill up your Car tyres with Nitrogen instead of Regular Air.It will reduce Wear and tear.
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Instead of opening the faucet each time to wash hands or any items just keep a tub of water handy with a small plastic mug.This will help to avoid unwanted wastage of water.
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Using a bucket and a plunger hand wash laundry and hang on the line to dry. Doing just one load a week this way will save you water, electricity, and help you burn calories! Reduce how much clothing you own and this becomes an easy way to wash all your clothes!
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Say No to Polythene bags
Polythene bags are a complete menace to environment through its whole life cycle...

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