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Daily more than thousands of trees are cut down to make paper. Use toilet papers from recycled materials and are earth friendly. Use earth friendly toilet papers and help to reduce cut down of trees.
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Do not throw used oils of vehicles in drainage which will mix up with water when raining and results in water pollution. Chemicals or oils disposed in drainage results in water pollution. Save water and never pollute existing water.
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Save energy by switching off lights and fans when not in use. Try to utilize energy in one room than using each room by each of them. Switch off lights in kitchen and bathroom when not in use. Switch off TV and computer than keeping them in standby mode.
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Do not use water more than you need. Take your car to car wash. They recycle water for watering plants and garden. If you are washing them yourself, use a bucket and sponge which helps in saving good amount of water.
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Insulating doors and windows helps in conserving energy. When an air leaks have been detected, doors and windows are first areas where you need check for leakage. You can also use weather-stripping for insulation.
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Form a group or community for planting plants and trees. There is a tremendous increase in cutting of trees for various reasons which results in soil erosion and imbalance in nature. Planting trees and plants helps to restore balance in nature. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and provide oxygen. You can form a club or team for planting trees once in a week or at a regular interval.
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Organic garden is eco-friendly and chemical free garden. You can make your own compost by recycling wastes generated from your kitchen such as left over food stuffs and vegetable or fruits peels. Use biological control for controlling pests in garden. Fruits and vegetables grown in these organic gardens are best for health.
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Rain water Harvesting is to capture the rain water when it rains, store that water for future use or charge the underground to increase ground water. Rain water is pure and can be safely used for drinking and cooking. Roof-top rain water harvest best suits to metropolitan cities.
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Most of the waste or garbage from households is kitchen waste, old newspaper and plastics. These can be either recycled or reused. Kitchen waste such as leftover food stuffs and vegetable peels can be put in compost pit. Compost from kitchen waste is eco-friendly manure for your plants. Old newspaper and plastic can be reused or sell them to those who buys these items from homes.
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Vehicles exhaust toxic gases which are danger for both health and environment. Car pooling helps to save fuel and reduce pollution. Car pooling is sharing vehicle which helps to save fuel, share traveling cost and enjoy your daily trip. You can either choose one vehicle or use vehicles in rotational basis.
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