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Energy audit helps to save electricity and helps you to know where you waste your money or electricity. Energy audit increases efficiency and make your home more energy efficient.
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Salts are earth friendly weed killer, use 1 part of salt with 3 parts of boiling water and pour directly on weeds to kill them. To kill bacteria on cutting board, rub salt into your cutting board after a little while rinse them. Your cutting board will be bacteria free and smells fresh.
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Ceiling fan has number of advantages over air conditioner. The rate of Carbon emission is comparatively less in ceiling fan than an air conditioner. Electricity consumed by an air conditioner is much higher than a ceiling fan and carbon released by an air conditioner increases room-temperature.
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Solar energy is eco-friendly and helps to save electricity. Solar water heater and solar lamps are best examples or energy saving appliances. Solar energy is energy from sun that helps to save your utility bills and reduces emission of carbon dioxide to atmosphere.
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Let cool fill your room from evening to early morning. Keep windows open but remember to cover windows with net to stop flies and mosquitoes entering your room. Use ceiling fans than using air conditioner as carbon released by air conditioner increases room temperature.
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Computer or your PC consumes more electricity than a laptop computer. Encourage employees use laptops in office and save up to 90% of energy.
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Online bill payments help you to save time and environment. Several trees are cut for making papers and reducing use of papers helps to save trees.
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You can save energy by unplugging the appliances which are not in Water your plant or garden in early morning or in evening, this helps is minimizing evaporation of water. You can reuse water from kitchen or other to water your plants.
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You can save energy by unplugging the appliances which are not in use.Standby power mode will consume electricity even though they are not in use.
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CFL lamps can be used instead of using traditional bulbs. CFL consumes less electricity and emits less heat. This helps to keep room temperature cool and make a good saving on your monthly utility bills
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